TEES Productions: Unqiue Photo Booth Rentals And Event Planning Pricing Sample Gallery

The Classic

The Classic is an open photo booth setup with 3 photo strip printing. It is very easy to brand and will blend right in to any function.

Everyone goes home with their own strip as a souvenir with your branding baked right in.

With each session lasting about 30 seconds your guests will have ample time in the booth. while still allowing for a high throughput.

The Social

The Social is perfect if you are looking for higher throughput, or just additional entertainment.

Each session in this ring light booth lasts approximately 20 seconds from start to finish, and allows for Photos, Gifs and Burst shots.

Guests will be able to share these images instantly via text or email, and there is opportunity for logo branding on all shared images.

The Spin

The Orbit is the only booth that can capture 360 degrees of excitement at your event.

You have the option to enclose the whole booth with a wraparound backdrop, or leave it wide open for everyone to see the fun they can have!

Pairs extremely well with fun lights and accessories like balloons or confetti.

The Wall

A great way to create an everlasting memory for your event, or to reward a sponsor with a souvenir is with a Photo Mosaic. With the ability to gather images from our many booth options, tagged photos on social media, or even on-site event photographers, we can live update The Wall with your photos to assemble a new image periodically throughout the event!

The wall can be created and printed as a keepsake, and/or can be created and live-updated in digital form for display or projection in any size.

The Warp

The only booth where you can stop time and space.

With up to 11 cameras, this array can create integrated activations such as mini stop motion movies.

Using creative elements such as lights, confetti, props, staging, and specialty backdrops, this booth can make guests feel like a model, a movie star, or even their own animated character.


Make your guests feel like rock stars with their own custom light up badges.

When paired with one of our Booths, we can take photos of your guests and print their badges instantly on site!

Alternatively, you can upload your headshots ahead of time and we can drop off the badges before the event for distribution during your registration check in.

The Recharge

Low-Battery anxiety is real.

Why have your guests leave, or find a dark, dusty corner when their phone is about to die?

With The Recharge they can charge their devices and keep the party going. The dual screens on each one of our recharge stations can loop advertisements for your upcoming events, or thank your sponsors.

Don’t let the party die just because their phone does!

The Noise

Don’t want to worry about the sound system at your venue?

Need a bit more than what the venue has to offer?

With systems large and small we can provide a sound system for just about any occasion. Our background started in Music and TV production, so you’re sure to be in good hands with our technicians!


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